We are building a domed building made with rammed, earth-filled, woven-polypropylene bags, or Earthbags. (now stopped for winter… plastering to come this spring)

The structure is being built at a Soya Nature School branch in Nakatombetsu, Hokkaido, Japan. There is also a blog regarding this project on the Nature School’s website here.

This will be the first Earthbag structure in Hokkaido and one of only a few throughout all of Japan.

Please check out our photo journal that chronicles the building process.

For a good overview on building with Earthbags, check out Wikkipedia’s page on Earthbag Construction.


To demonstrate the feasibility of rammed earth structures, such as Earthbag, in the severely cold and wet climate of Northern Hokkaido. In doing so, we hope to educate people about this low cost, strong, and environmentally friendly housing alternative that, potentially, they can build by themselves.

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