The Building Process: photo journal

After a year of studying and two intense months designing blueprints and requisitioning materials, the actual building process began. Hampered by relentless wet and soggy weather, progress has been slow. Nevertheless, every week heralds new milestones. And momentum continues to build.

Follow along on this extraordinary adventure from conception to completion. Or skip to your favorite part by clicking on one of the links below. (as site is under construction, please begin from foundation)

Conception: Project Inspiration, Study Material and References, Project Blueprints

Material Requisition:

Site Preparation:

Foundation: Excavation, Drain Pipe Installation

Stem Wall: Mixing Dirt, Laying Bags

Bury Berm and Cap

Installing Door and Window Box Frames

Constructing Door and Window Box Frames

Dome Wall

Installing Door and Window Arch Frames

Constructing Door and Window Arch Frames

Exterior Plaster

Interior Plaster

Door and Window Building and Installation


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