Stage 5b: Building Box and Arch Forms

To build the box forms, first you have to decide what kind of openings you want to create. In terms of our project, window size was determined by the windows we had available. The door size was limited by the size of the structure, and thus will be a custom door.

Here you can see the box forms being built. First I made the window arch forms. I made them first because they seemed the most technical and I wanted to give myself plenty of time to make sure they got done right. They turned out great, I think.

window arch forms Awindow arch forms Bwindow arches Cwindow arches DWith the window arches taken care of, the box forms were built. These were simple to build in comparison and went together quickly.

window box formsWith the knowledge of building arches under my belt, I moved directly to the door box form, as the box forms would be needed first during construction.

You can see the door box form coming together behind me. It will be very long as it must accomodate the curvature of the dome as well as support the arch form above it. Total length was 160 cm.

door box form Adoor box form B

Next came the door arch form. You can see the siding going on here. Unlike the door box form above, the door arch form will need to be completely sided as all surfaces will be covered with bags.

door arch form A

Next up, we’ll see the installation of the arch forms and the use of fan bags.


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