Stage 7: Finishing the Dome

above the windows

A nice look from the inside out through the door frame.

looking out the door form from the insidebuckets of dirt on the wall

Tight quarters and lots of cans of dirt. Scaffolding on the inside would have been ideal, but the logistics of creating something compatible for a dome this small in size presented challenges we finally decided weren’t worth tackling in the time we had available. So we, very carefully, proceeded without them.

filling bags on the wallbegin outside keystones

The bags didn’t seat as securely as I would have liked over top of the upper ventilation pipe, so some half inch rebar was added to ensure tension was maintained.

above the door!

The gods of the earthbag dome…

The three gods of Pinneshiri

A view of the dome from the east giving a nice perspective of the Nature School.

next to last day in the afternoon sun

Note the ventilation pipes (4 inch diameter PVC), one for incoming air on the bottom and one for outgoing air on top. Screens will be fitted onto these tubes later and the length will be adjusted to be unobtrusive from the finished plaster work. Caps are temporarily keeping them sealed for the winter.

last day first of three layers back

Some big bags are added to the arches extending from the windows and door to ensure the keystones stay seated. Also, rebar was driven down into the foundation and baling wire was tightened around the arches to discourage outward bulging in the middle (this in addition to the velcro plates already tying this bags into the main body of the dome.)

last day first of three layers front

The irony of this next picture and what historic moment it resembles did not go unnoticed by our building crew. How extraordinary, albeit a little cheesy, that such a moment could even be occurring just one lifetime later, two former enemies now working together to promote a technology with the potential to benefit all mankind.

At last, with the last bag finished, it was time to celebrate! Many many thanks to all the volunteers and benefactors that helped make this project possible!

Here are some shots of the completed bag work, minus the human beings crawling all over the structure. 🙂

First, a view from the northwest

And a view from the south

And a view from the east

And a view from the north


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